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29 April 2020

Hacker101 CTF Walkthrough: A little something to get you started

by Najam Ul Saqib

So here is my first walkthrough for you guys and that will be the easiest of the lot, this is the first CTF available on

What I like about HackerOne is that they give you private invitations to programs based on your performance in CTFs so I guess doing CTFs on HackerOne (honestly) will be worth your time and effort.

Let's Start!

By clicking on this CTF you get to the page which looks something like this

It's a blank page with zero interactivity, so our first bet will be to check the page source of this page by Ctrl +U
There is absolutely nothing in the page source apart from some plain text in the body and an image which is mentioned in url() so why not give this image a try in URL like this
and boom..!! Here is your flag! 
It was that simple, believe me, you'll not get simpler CTF than this, it was just to get your hands a bit dirty. Good luck.
P.s I have hidden the flag so that one just don't copy/paste the flag but you should at least follow the steps if you have decided to read some walkthrough
tags: ctf - hackerone - walkthrough