Cyber Soldier | Software Engineer

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I have always been very passionate about software engineering and information security and I am openly looking for roles that includes but are not limited to: software engineer, application security engineer, software developer, penetration tester.


2017-2021 : BS, Software Engineering; Punjab Univerisity College of Information Technology (Lahore,Pakistan)

Final Year Project: GraphQL In Scope: An In-depth Approach On How GraphQL Can Be Exploited

You can find a copy of my research here



Day Job

Security Engineer - Systems Ltd (7th December 2021 - Present) I am currently working at Systems Ltd as application security engineer. My daily life responsibilities include:

  1. SAST
  2. DAST
  3. Cloud Security
  4. MAPT

Software Engineer - Tkxel (3rd May 2021 - 3rd December 2021)

I worked on developing applications with Javascript here. My core purpose here was to write secure code and build secure applications The technologies I worked on here are:

  1. JavaScript/TypeScript
  2. TypeORM
  3. ReactJS
  4. NodeJS
  5. Amazon Web Services

Bug Hunting

This is something which I am learning, I have been hacking on programs consistently from June,2021 and have learnt loads of stuff. I have found some bugs in Department of Defense so far.


Certified Network Security Specialist - ICSI, UK

Secure Coding Course - We Hack Purple Academy

Unix Badge - Pentester Lab

Python for Pentesters

Open Source Contributions

I am an active contributor to open source projects, I have contributed to different repositories of OWASP ZAP I like to develop open-source software, for me its a noble cause

Reviewer/Editor of OWASP WSTG v4.2

Contributed as an editor to the latest released version of OWASP Web Security Testing Guide v4.2. You grab your copy here

Snapshot of WSTG Handbook